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I have for sale: two 1000 ft. rolls of  continuous polypropylene tube.  One of which is 18” and the other is 24”.  Located in Mesa AZ, 85209.  I’m Willing to drive up to 2 hours away from Mesa to deliver it.  Otherwise shipping is extra. Selling them for $350 each.  With a “bonus” small spool of 24” polypropylene tube that is between 100 and 300 ft long. Mark Waddington snarkalotATgmail.com


Barcroft Media is looking for someone in the final stages of building an earthbag dome home to feature in a doc series about unusual homes for a online streaming platform. We're shooting in July and August and are looking for people who will be completely moved into their new home by the end of August. We can film anywhere in the US. Contact jack.mckayATbarcroftmedia.com if interested.



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