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Earthbag and Amazing Roof Workshop
November 5 - 6
Bastrop, Texas

Strong earthbag walls open up an exciting world of roofing options. Sexy Walls deserve Sexy Roofs like...

  • living roofs
  • reciprocating roofs
  • steam bent shingles
  • earthbag domes
  • barrel tile
  • thatch and more......

Come learn to lay courses of an earthbag round house and actually frame 2 roof options; a reciprocating roof and a hip roof! A well built roof is a sexy roof and thick earthen walls give you the opportunity to explore so many more options than conventional building

You will get to play with framing up a reciprocal roof and attach it to a circular top plate. You will see demonstrations of insulation like straw, cellulose, and even mushroom. You'll also get a primer about how to determine the cost, time, skill, labor and accessibility of the materials? We'll discuss, look at samples and even build some of these roofing options, from practical with excellent performance, to whimsical and classic. We will cover 'best practices' for attaching a roof to an earthen structure and the most efficient and accessible green ​insulation options.  You'll come away with an understanding of the prices, practices and labor to help you determine which is a sensible option for your project .... or where you might be able to splurge a little to get the house of your dreams.

Join us for this fun weekend getting dirty and learning...
-to lay earthbag top courses with deadmen sleepers
-options of roofing an earthen structure
-to install top plates
-study the critical point of joining a roof to an earthen structure
-demonstrate the installation of a living roof
-framing a reciprocal roof and a hip roof
-appropriate green insulations
-basic natural plastering

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