Earthbag Superadobe Dome Building Workshop
July 18 - 26
West Sussex, UK

An eight day Earthbag workshop (Some call it Superadobe, except we keep our earthbag technology as natural as possible, built using mostly earth and a pegging system with no barbed wire..! cement and barbed wire used ONLY where absolutely necessary.)
where you will get to build and start to plaster a complete earthbag dome with 3 ..! vaulted arches, which will later be used as a bathroom dome with two hot tubs… to be followed by the 6 day plastering workshop. Taught by architect and earthbag author Paulina Wojciechowska.

See www.facebook.com for more information.

Complete Earthbag Tiny House Build
Sept. 7 - 14
Bottom Leaf Intentional Community
near Asheville, NC

During this workshop, we will build an entire house from the ground up. The build will last from five to eight days, depending on how fast it goes. Participants should leave with all of the skills needed to build their own home. Participants will get hands-on experience with earthbag, cob, bottlewall, earthplaster, and more. We will also discuss house design, site selection, roof and foundation types and much, much more! 

See morgancaraway.com to sign up.

Earthbag Dome Building Workshop
Sept 12 - 15
Rockaway Beach, Oregon

In just four days learn the basics of dome building with flexible form rammed earth. We will complete a small building together, and share the technical details of how to set one up yourself. Hands-on instruction, slides, and guided design work.

See www.earthenhand.com for more information.

earthenhand.com conducts workshops that involve earthbag building, mostly in the Northwestern US.

earthhandsandhouses.org has workshops in Europe.

calearth.org Nader Khalili's earthbag works.

naturalhomes.org lists workshops from around the world that relate to earthbags.

guidingstarcreations.blogspot.com offer a veriety of earthbag workshops mostly in Australia and Bali.

earthbaghouse.com has general information, work/trade opportunities, workshops, etc.

permastructure.com.au conducts earthbag workshops ion Australia.

AuwaEarth.com offers a variety of earthbag and earth construction workshops in Australia and Brazil.

ulewatitlan.com provides workshops on earthbag building and accomodations at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

superadobedelsur.com located in Chile conducts earthbabg workshops throughout South America.

tsatsa-house.com has conducted workshops in India and Japan.

unitedearthbuilders.com a pioneer in earthbag technology.

sustainablelifeschool.com periodically offers earthbag building workshops.


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