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I'm looking for someone who has knowledge of and a background in sustainable earthbag building, and help me construct a 12-foot earthbag foundation for a yurt. You can see an example here: https://www.instructables.com/Insulated-Earthbag-Foundations-for-Yurts. MUST have experience in earthbag building. Please email if interested. macy.ring AT gmail.com



Wanted: Knowledgeable person with earthbag building/construction, earthen floors & plasters experience willing to come to level, graded (possibly with footers) site in Missouri (near St Louis area) for consultation of plans, designs, etc. Jim Hoff jeh0613 AT gmail.com


When it became clear that I was going to have a lot of free time due to COVID, I refused to loose productivity binge watching Netflix. I'm building the Owen Geiger Solar Pit house which will be earthbermed on 3 sides. Even though construction isn't my area of expertise, I hope to inspire some. If anyone is interested in following my how-to's, they can subscribe to my blog: https://www.subscribestar.com/red-hen-green-house 


Our company uses scoria to create an environmentally safe Traction Agent for winter time. We have over 500k lbs of scoria and are looking to unload this bulk material at an extremely discounted price. We need the warehouse space for other endevours. We would be willing to sell @ $45.00 per ton or price match whatever else anyone would bring to the table. Also, if anyone is interested we could discuss the freight situation after that. Our scoria ranges from 3/4" to 2" in size We also have an abundance of pre-packaged 45lb bags that contain scoria and 2 different types of lime chips. We are located in Pennsylvania and our warehouse is in East Greenville. Contact Jared Gibson, Director of Operations, Gaia Enterprises Inc. Phone: 215-355-7841 ext. 109 jared AT gaiausa.com


I am a sandbag house builder.I have built 8 sandbag houses over the past 7 years. If any one needs a sandbag house builder let me know. (I live in Charlotte , NC)

Hurley hagvaan AT gmail.com



I am a single mother who chooses to pursue my home building dream in Mexico instead of the US. I can afford to be a fully emmersed mom this way. Since dedication to using the resourses under my feet to build my house is a priority, I believe adobe or earth bags is my best choice. I have been researching natural building for over a decade, but I am not a builder and want a strong, healthy, and safe home. A beehive shape is what feels and seems the best because of strength in an earthquake. I am reaching out to you to inquire if you are willing to use my home as a demo, class, or test site. I have one acre and lots of red dirt. There is an existing functional adobe pila wall here already so I know it has integrity for building use.

Elizabeth Bell√≥ Author, Soloist 52-646-238-4380 



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