Shinto Shrine
by Kikuma Watanabe

This is a Shinto Shrine for remembering our origin. It was designed for the "Water and Land Art Festival" held in Niigata City.

This shrine exists in a vacant lot between two bridges. At this site there used to be lots of houses where many people lived. But after construction of the bridges, the town and people disappeared.

The city is changing every day. We are forgetting the memory of the city. Eventually, we cannot remember what we are, where we came from, where we are going!

In this shrine we can be lost in meditation within the calm space of the main hall. We are able to find ourselves and remember our origin in the dome filled with Mother Earth.

Kikuma Watanabe of D Environmental Design System Laboratory is the architect. The owner is Niigata City.

Construction was done by the Environmental Design System Laboratory, students of Kochi University of Technology and volunteers. Total floor area is 37m2 or about 400 sq.ft.

The structure is earthbags and steel (for the roof).

Overall view in winter showing the two bridges on either side.


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