Thunder Mountain Ceremonial Building
by SunRay Kelley and Kathy Moser
from peaceweaving.blogspot.com

The Peaceweavers are an international community of healers and teachers dedicated to world harmony and non-violent communication. Starting in 2004, they began hosting natural building events at their retreat center in Bath, New York.

The ceremonial building at the heart of the property boasts a SunRay Kelley round-log timber frame. The story goes that when he went out in the woods "shopping" for the main timbers for the 35' octagon, he went armed with a tape measure and a small chain saw. When he returned with the cut timbers, he was an inch off of a perfect octagon.

The ceremonial building's frame has since been filled in with strawbales, cob and an earthbag entry arch, all covered by a two-tone lime finish.

The earthbgag system, technology, (I feel silly using words like technology and system for describing putting dirt in bags!) anyway, it is "dirt cheap."  It is also practical, structurally sound and results in  some really beautiful structures. 

Doni Kiffemeyer, who is a champion of earthbags, came all the way from Utah to lead this part of the colloquium.







The bags are often misprints from rice manufacturers, filled with dirt, and laid in running courses with barbed wire between them to keep them from sliding.  They are then plastered over.











The arch was built over a form and held beautifully when the form was removed. 

This building with the arched doorway, taught me more than anything else the way a building can change the way you feel.

Sun Ray Kelly stepping through the open arch.

Plastering chinks between bags and the bags in process of being plastered.


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