Warsaw Dome Project in Poland
from www.earthhandsandhouses.org

This project was built as a demonstration of inexpensive, sustainable building techniques that others might employ. This is one of many such projects initiated by the Earth, Hands, and Houses organization founded by Paulina Wojciechowska, author of Building with Earth: A Guide to Flexible-Form Earthbag Construction.

Foundation leaving sand in the centre to fill the bags

Laying bags around an arch for the fire place

Walls raised to the base of the main dome

Last layer before the dome starts to form

Yes, it is hard work with a well deserved rest

View of the stairs going down in to the dome

Half way up the dome and work stops for 2003

Summer of 2004 and the work continues

Looking down from the nearly completed dome

Barbed wire between the bags helps to fix the structure

Bags are rammed into position

The polypropylene bags need UV protection

The polypropylene bags were filled with sand that had the consistency of beach sand and were not stabilised with anything...just dampened with water and well tamped.

Because of the damp climate, it is covered with a shingled roof.

Jarema and the Hobbit House. The chimney will be finished soon.

Also see an article from Permaculture UK Magazine about building this paticular dome: It's in the Bag: Earthbag Construction in Poland.


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